Sunday, July 6, 2008

The End of a Stan...(a few thousand to go)

This is Stan. Stan is stingy. Stan shows up empty handed always. Stan gave at the office. Stan volunteers for 1 hour weekly. Stan has a tight schedule. Stan needs his "me" time. Stan won't go out of his way, except to avoid a vagrant. Stan has room for 4 but drives alone. Stan never carries cash. Stan is devoted to his job. Stan is determined to have a family. Stan wants his children to go to college. Stan attends church. Stan pays his tithe. Stan shakes hands and bridges the aisle. Stan never shows up late. Stan takes vacations every year. Stan tips exactly 12 1/2 %. Stan thinks you do a great job. Stan is proud of you. Stan is your brother. Stan is your twin brother. Stan is you. Meet Stan. Stan, meet Stan. There is only enough room for one Stan here. I suggest you fight it out.

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