Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poodles on Parade

since i am venturing on a church hunt, i thought i'd go back and read the first post that began my blogging service. is that funny, that i called it a service? i do sincerely believe that voicing honest perception and adding biblical truth is a service to the Church... for our betterment, our healing, our focus, and our future. if i had not love for the Church, i would also be void of hope. i am filled with hope! and so without further ado... so begins the Poodle Parade.

I don't want to get angry with the way things are, but I have to admit I am frustrated. It just seems as though there is so much wasted energy in the church. Everyone is running around doing something, but what are we accomplishing? What are we building?

I surveyed a few church websites recently and took a special interest in reading up on the ministries they offered. Most of the ministries offered were for the purpose of the weekend services. Ushers, Music, Greeters, Media, Parking Lot, Children, Youth, Translators, Custodial, etc. If we took away the "Service" could then the church find any other way to serve? The bigger the event, the more energetic hands needed, the more smiling faces required.

Remember when the church had ministries that served people beyond the armspan of a Service. Meaning, the Church itself is a service to everyone within reach and even beyond. The fact that people gathered made it church, the 'Service' is our ritual. I enjoy services for the most part. I like to sing songs with friends and smile and look pretty and even more than that I appreciate the encouragement through the word and the challenge to live louder when a decision is made by a "new comer" to choose Christ.
I go to gather. I go to hear. I go because it is a part of what keeps me healthy. I go to Give. I go to have conversations and experience the presence of God with others and not just on my own. I do not go to be entertained. I do not go to find the answers. I do not go to be noticed. I do not go to meet God.
So sometimes when I am walking through the double doors and I see the "festivities" beginning and the folks are taking their places, and the serious faces are speaking into hidden mics and the singers are awaiting their cue and the video roles and the lights begin to dazzle, I whisper to myself, "Oye with the poodles already". And then I stand and courteously join in.

Originally Posted May 27, 2008


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's pretty much how I feel every week.

Anonymous said...

Did you just enable the comments? I have been waiting weeks to say Yes Yes Yes! Keep up the the good work. I really enjoy your blog. May God bless & protect you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of the stepford church. Generic, fake and smile cause that's my job, and that's what you just do. I love church (and I know there is no perfect church) - just looking for real and sincere... that's all. It's out there right?

Loving what you are doing Julia... as I know first hand you have a following of many (sad but true).

Anonymous said...

I went to a church for 6 years, and never met the pastor. hmmm?

Anonymous said...

hmm, bringing up these questions is great. but at the end of the day are we building or tearing down the church? are we encouraging people to grow the church or encouraging them to grow their discontentment with the church?

i hope this doesnt turn into a big pity party for everyone unhappy with where the church is.

the church is imperfect. but she is the bride of christ and "his eyes are on it and his heart is in it." in him it is made perfect.

lets not try to fix the church. lets be the church.

tither of innovation said...

Oye who let the Party Pooper in? I'm kidding;) I will speak for myself saying that my statements are not made flippantly. I have studied, surveyed, experienced, and sought the wisdom and direction of God through His word and through many of the heroes of our faith for years. But even more importantly, it is out of a deep love for Christ's Church.
Regardless, it is very important to note that the church is not above reproach. if it were, much of Paul's ministry would be out of line, not to mention Revelation and the 7 churches.
The Bride/Church is to prepare itself. Preparation takes work, and some introspection.
Yes, i would love for the church to grow in their discontentment of the church.
Yes, i would love to see many institutionalized practices within the church torn down and for the church to once again be reminded what we are to build on... the Revelation that Jesus is the Christ.
it is my hope that as the church submits to the original plan, it can be "fixed". this takes reformation. we are the modern day "protestants".
So please don't misunderstand the energy here. this is not an emo pity party... this is a gathering of revolutionary P.R. specialists invading the system one discontented mind at a time... Whoot! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love that- gathering of revolutionary P.R. Specialists invading the system one discontented mind at a time! Genius.

J.SWO said...

Good morning to all the anonymous passer-byers (come out from behind the curtains). We must remember that the Church (Bride of Christ) is not necessarily the church (the institution visited on weekends) when we speak of building or tearing down. The heart of the reformist is to not to grow the institution, but to grow the Bride, however, much of the Bride has lost sight of the Groom in the weekly pursuit of growing the institution. Viva La Revolution & Viva La Esposa de Cristo!