Thursday, May 29, 2008

The insecure church

Poodles are considered excellent watchdogs and that makes perfect sense to me. But I find as the days get darker, the poodle spends much energy and attention guarding the things that have no pressing need. They have their say and are adamant in protecting policies and traditions which carry no eternal merit or consequence. This pushes me to a place of utilizing every scripture I can dig up on grace to keep me from shaking it all up with one fell swoop. I bite my tongue and respond gently but firmly, if there is even an allowance for response at all. Its not that I know all or see all. I don't. Not even close. But I know Him and I see the obvious. I see the striving and the insecurities. Why is the church so insecure when we have a Father that is very aware of who He is. He had the strength to proclaim "I am the I am". In that statement He declared His supremacy and sovereignty. There is no other above Him, before Him or after Him...He's it!
We are the church. The body of Christ. We are here to serve His purposes and not our own. We exist to build His Kingdom and bring Him glory. We are no longer of this world. We don't need to subscribe to their ways and their prescriptions. We have an advantage. We have favour. We have full right to operate both in the natural and supernatural realms. Why do we limit ourselves to such a cookie cutter, culturally submissive operation?
So the Pup says, maybe we should change this and add that, since that's how so and so does it and I bite my bottom lip. It doesn't make me angry, it makes me sad. Not only does our God own the cattle on a thousand hills, but He also owns the ideas of 300 billion humans. Why don't we utilize more than just a few of them?

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sigmund said...

Society has lost a sense of identity and community. We don't know what it means to be dependent and interrelated. We have become isolated and individualistic. How can we have any concept of the power of God when we don't even know what it means to be in relationship with Him? We don't have any idea what relationship is.

The lack of true interaction and intimacy in our world has led to an identity crisis. We have no sense of who we are. We search online, in brief entertaining presentations and momentary encounters for something that will help us understand who we are. All while God is standing right in front of us waiting. He may know who He is but we don't.

And the church, who should know better, is often caught in the same meaningless search. I think the power of God is in encounter, connection and relationship. Christ didn't just die to rid us of our sins but to reconcile the distance between us and God. When we lose sight of the people in God's Kingdom, we have really lost sight of the point.