Monday, January 11, 2010

Red Velvet

you're sitting there and i want nothing more than to just dive in, but i am restrained. why do i always feel so restrained in your presence. i can smell your cocoa from here. it's drawing me in. everyone knows of a great red velvet cake, but none of those stack up to you. i've tried them all. over time i've refined my pallet and now i know this one is good... so good. so tall and so smooth, so rich and velvety... just as i remember, just as i imagined you. what's the worst that could happen if i touched you? perhaps i would taste you and like you and love you and not be able to stop myself from having my fill of you. but you were made to be admired, enjoyed, devoured, and digested... and it would be my pleasure to help you fulfill your purpose;-)